Wednesday, May 19, 2010

spwr(7D) is dead. Long live efe(7D)!

PSARC 2010/168 (EOF spwr) will officially remove support for SMC EtherPower II fast ethernet controllers from ON. Fortunately, the Emancipation project provides an alternative for users whom still require support for these devices.

The efe(7D) driver is a open source rewrite of the previously closed spwr(7D) driver. It supports both GLDv3 and Project Brussels interfaces and supports full 802.1Q VLANs and link aggregation. The driver supports both SPARC and x86.

The current version of the driver requires at least snv_134. Once the 2010.0x release ships and development builds resume, a new driver release will be made to support the committed GLDv3 interfaces putback in snv_136 and IPS.


The source for the driver may be found in the Emancipation driver-gate: