Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mercurial and SUNWonbld

For those developers (like myself) whom are external to Sun working with ON, managing change can be something of a pain - particularly for projects which span multiple files. Fortunately, some very intelligent folk at Sun have developed a number of scripts which vastly simplify the review process. Chief among these is webrev (which has traditionally been used on TeamWare workspaces).

Since mercurial was selected as the SCM of choice for external ON development, many of the scripts provided in SUNWonbld are not available (yet). One of the primary goals of the SCM Migration Project is to bridge this gap.

Essentially, the stable SUNWonbld packages offered on the main ON download page is not compatible with mercurial. In order to get mercurial tool support (i.e.: webrev), you must download the SUNWonbld-latest package from the SCM Migration Project page.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the most recent SUNWmercurial package is installed (currently, 0.95 is the latest). Check the Source Code Management Tool Downloads page for details.

  • Read the webrev man pages thoroughly. A common mistake is to pass a specific file to webrev; this is incorrect. webrev expects a file (denoted as file-list in the man page) which contains a list of files to work against.

Many thanks to James McPherson and Rich Lowe in #onnv-scm for their many suggestions and patience!