Saturday, June 21, 2008

dnet(7D) up for review

The GLDv3 conversion for dnet(7D) is finally up for review. This patch provides GLDv3 and VLAN tagging for all currently supported devices, as well as link notification for those which support an MII transceiver.

The webrev is available here.

A followup patch will be provided to support Project Brussels.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cassini Emancipation

Last month I purchased a Sun Netra 20/T4 to do some sparcv9 driver development. Since I upgraded all of the equipment last year to gigabit UTP, I also grabbed a Sun GigaSwift (501-5902) to go with it.

Out of curiosity, I dug through onnv-gate to see if the ce driver source had been opened yet; alas it had not. After talking with some Sun folk a bit, it seemed that not only were there no plans to open source Cassini (yet), but much of the code wasn't in the best of shape. Surprisingly, the ce driver still implements the DLPI interface directly rather than making use of the newer frameworks available.

After speaking with John Sonnenschein (who leads the Emancipation Project) and Jason King, we decided to begin an effort to emancipate the Cassini driver. The new driver will be a 'clean room' implementation and will (of course) be open source. It will also support the newer frameworks, namely: GLDv3/Project Nemo, and Project Brussels rather than implementing DLPI directly. As far as naming goes, we decided to go with cge (Cassini Gigabit Ethernet) since it is more in line with the current trend in device naming. Fortunately, with interface vanity naming being integrated in snv_83, users migrating from the original ce driver should have a much easier time of it.

Update: Cyril Plisko has joined the effort. Welcome!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mercurial and SUNWonbld

For those developers (like myself) whom are external to Sun working with ON, managing change can be something of a pain - particularly for projects which span multiple files. Fortunately, some very intelligent folk at Sun have developed a number of scripts which vastly simplify the review process. Chief among these is webrev (which has traditionally been used on TeamWare workspaces).

Since mercurial was selected as the SCM of choice for external ON development, many of the scripts provided in SUNWonbld are not available (yet). One of the primary goals of the SCM Migration Project is to bridge this gap.

Essentially, the stable SUNWonbld packages offered on the main ON download page is not compatible with mercurial. In order to get mercurial tool support (i.e.: webrev), you must download the SUNWonbld-latest package from the SCM Migration Project page.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the most recent SUNWmercurial package is installed (currently, 0.95 is the latest). Check the Source Code Management Tool Downloads page for details.

  • Read the webrev man pages thoroughly. A common mistake is to pass a specific file to webrev; this is incorrect. webrev expects a file (denoted as file-list in the man page) which contains a list of files to work against.

Many thanks to James McPherson and Rich Lowe in #onnv-scm for their many suggestions and patience!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It Began With A Whimper...

It is 2008 and another year has come and gone and I find myself regretting not taking the time to commit to posterity the events of the past few years.

So, why not make a change?

Fortunately each new year brings with it the perfect vehicle for hapless change: the New Year Resolution. Therefore, I hereby resolve to document the un-interesting, semi-noteworthy, and inane so that future generations may look behind and wonder.

Viva La Resolution!